How We Work…

We are a small web development agency, and our ideal clients are also small. Our time is limited so we move fast and prefer to complete projects quickly. In order for us to best serve you, we’ve developed this Methodology to help use not only complete your project quickly, but more importantly, to maximize our time to reduce your cost!

1. Review the Methodology

It is important that you review, understand, and except this methodology before scheduling your consultation. If you don’t like the way we work, then a consultation will be a waste of your and our time.

2. Schedule Your Consultation

The consultation is required. We can meet at a coffee shop, your office, our office, or we can even do a web meeting. The consultation enables use to build a relationship, understand your needs, and provide guidance and education to help you better understand how we can help you.

3. Sign & Return the Contract

The contract is how we ensure our services meet your expectations. The contract will layout the project, and the requirements of both parties. The contract must be signed and returned before we’ll begin the project.

4. Make the Deposit

Every project requires a small deposit. The deposit is 25% of the price agreed upon or the estimated price of the project. Because our time is limited the deposit ensures that you are committed to moving forward. The deposit must be made before we’ll begin your project. The deposit is non-refundable. More on pricing and estimates.

5. Client Deliverables

Your project will require your involvement. You will likely be required to provide copy, images, account logins, logos, color ideas, design ideas (website urls), etc… We have created a checklist to help you prepare your deliverables. All of your deliverables must be received before we’ll begin your project.

6. Client Design Approval

With our business model, time is money, your money, so we want to make sure you’re on board with the direction our creative team is going with the design of your website. We will provide mockups or sketches for your review. Approval or change request are required within 2 hours of the initial request from us.

7. We Complete Your Project

Once steps 1-6 as outlined above are completed, we will work very quickly to complete your project. Most projects are finished within a day, unless other agreements have been made.

8. Completed Project Review

It’s important to us that you are happy with your new website, but also that you understand the strategies we used for developing it. Through a web-meeting, we will take you on an educational tour of your new website and help you understand how it was designed to work.

9. Final Payment

Once everything is approved and accepted, we will send an invoice to collect the final payment. Final payment must be made before the website is launched or files are delivered to you. More about payment methods.

10. We Deliver

Once the final payment is received, we will launch your new website, send you a hard copy of the files, and provide logins to access your admin control panel.


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