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WordPress E-Commerce Websites Are Our Specialty.

WordPress Online Store

We specialize in building e-commerce websites with WordPress and WooCommerce. The best part, you can manage it yourself!

Our e-commerce websites help you sell anything, Beautifully. Our online stores deliver enterprise-level quality & features while backed by a name you can trust.Hire exPRESSit Website Design

WordPress e-commerce Website Features


Admin & Reporting

Having a stylish, feature-rich store is one thing, but orders are what matter most. Built into your online store is our beautiful, detailed reports panel. At a glance you can check your stores overall performance, or drill down and inspect daily sales, monthly sales, individual product sales, top sells and top earners. Fine tune your store and push it to it’s maximum performance.


Shipping & Tax

We’ve built-in comprehensive shipping settings enabling you to define shipping costs per product, or declare a flat rate for all your products, you can also offer free shipping. Extend these options with our table rate shipping extension to define different shipping rates for various countries, or different weight brackets.

Our online stores offer robust tax settings and options to serve small boutiques right up to global conglomerates. Intuitively configure multiple tax rates for different regions as your online store goes international!


Customers & Orders

Customers are of course managed through WordPress’s own user management functionality. But on the front-end each user has their own secure account section where they can add multiple shipping and billing addresses, review and track past and present orders, manage their personal details and change their password.

Orders are the most important part of any online store, so in online stores we’ve created an intuitive order management suite. Here you can manually add edit orders, reduce stock and send email invoices. There’s even a handy order history section detailing when an order changes status.


Products & Inventory

Physical products? Check. Digital products? Check. Our e-commerce solutions empowers you to sell anything online. If you’ve got the product, we’ll help you sell it. Our online store’s product management is focused on ease-of-use; if you’re comfortable writing & publishing a post within WordPress, adding products to your store will be a similar breeze. E-commerce doesn’t need to be complicated.

With our inventory management tools, we’ll make sure that you know exactly what the status is on your inventory. We won’t allow you to sell a product that isn’t in stock and we’ll even highlight products that are running low on stock.


Marketing & Promotion

At the heart of every online store’s promotional success is the ability to host promotional flash sales in real-time. Our e-commerce website makes this easy by allowing you to set sales prices for any of the products that is eligible for your sale.

Our online store’s also features an extensive discount coupon management system, which allows you to create & distribute a wide variety of different coupon codes to stimulate sales amongst your audience.

And then our store also includes product reviews from your customers, automatic up-sells & cross-sells and related products. Our e-commerce websites is intelligent in this way and attempts to maximize your revenue from every single sale.


Payment Gateways

We’ve built in an API for payments within our stores, which allows us to seamlessly plug your payment gateway of choice into our e-commerce websites and start processing orders immediately.

If you don’t want to go through the expense of adding a payment gateway, our online store already supports a wide variety of popular payment gateways through the additional extensions we’ve made available, like for example:

  • PayPal Pro
  • Google Checkout
  • Inspire Commerce

With other gateways available through extensions.


E-commerce Websites We’ve Developed


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